St Therese’s New Lambton

The school was founded by the Sisters of Mercy on 1 November 1925. In 1926 the church school of St Therese was built in Royal St New Lambton some 200 yards from the present church.

As was common at the time, it was a dual purpose building being used for mass on Sundays and for classes during the week.

In style it was similar to many others of its type being a simple hall capable of being partitioned into separate rooms with a chancel and sacristy, closed off except during mass. A small porch was attached while gable crosses proclaimed this to be a house of god.

It served as the parish church from 1954 until 1956, when it was converted to serve, as it still does today, as a hall for the parish and school. For more detailed information about the school, follow this link to their website.

Corpus Christi Waratah

Like the Church, the present Corpus Christi Primary School was built in two pieces, with many years between the stages of construction. It replaced an earlier school building which had been referred to as “St Joseph’s Primary School” in the Newcastle and Maitland Catholic Sentinel of November 1933. However, the Dominican Sisters’ records name it as “The Rosary Convent School” and older present parishioners who were among its pupils also knew it by this title.

This school was established in a house in Alfred Street owned by the Sisters, who, of course, also provided the staff.

The former pupils remember the Rosary Convent School as a three-roomed cottage with a veranda and a folding door to divide the biggest room into two when necessary. Modest enough accommodation for six classes!

The school was directly opposite the main gate entrance to the convent grounds. For a playground, the children shared an adjoining paddock with a few cows.

These cramped premises catered for the needs of the area for many years in the earlier decades of the century, but the time came when they could cope no longer.

“The enrolment…has increased to such an extent that the old weatherboard building in Alfred Street is unable to accommodate comfortably the various classes,” said the Nov 1933 Sentinel. “If Parish finances permit a new and commodious school will be built next year”

Tenders for this hoped-for larger school, of five classrooms, were invited and work on it began in January, 1934. It was to become the ground-floor section of the present school.

It was completed at a cost of £2019 and was opened and dedicated by Bishop Gleeson in the following April.

The Sentinel was able to report in June, that the new school hall was already established as a “popular centre for the social life of the Parish” – about 70 couples had danced there at a recent gathering “to music provided by Sheedy’s orchestra” and the school would benefit from the £12 profit.

Twenty years passed before the second storey was added. Bishop Gleeson blessed and opened the extensions to the Church and school on the same day – August 1, 1954.

Since then, extensions and improvements have been made to the buildings and grounds to complete the Corpus Christi School as it now stands.

For more detailed information about the school, follow this link to their website.

St John’s Lambton

St John’s is a single stream community encompassing Kindergarten to Year 6. Our school was established in 1883 by the Sisters of Mercy to educate the children of miners and workers employed in the nearby mine. The mine has since closed but St John’s has gone from strength to strength as a leading school, assisting families in the development of their children as well as embarking on exploring practical ways in which students are able to incorporate 21st century technology into their learning.

All classrooms encompass modern facilities, the latest print and digital teaching resources, new furnishings and air-conditioning. All classrooms and the Library are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards which staff utilise in their daily classroom practices. A specialist Teacher Librarian oversees the Library resources incorporating a Windows computer bank, well stocked children’s and parent library as well as teaching specialist lessons each week.

For more detailed information about the school, follow this link to their website.


Special Religious Education

The Special Religious Education Teachers who form the Catechetical team work respectively in the Public Schools of our Parish.

The Team consists of Catechists who do face to face teaching and their supporters. Team members are also given the opportunity to be part of diocesan training schemes and regional gatherings.

If you are interested in being a Catechist in one of the schools within out Parish, please contact the Parish Office