Grow in the Faith

Adult Formation

The Adult Education Team is responsible for the encouragement of an understanding of the Christian Faith and for other programs for the betterment of people and the community.

The Team may provide nights or short courses each year on a variety of issues. These may include Lenten or Advent reflection programs.

The Team also co-ordinates programs for leaders in the parish to develop skills and their understanding of faith.

Becoming Catholic

For Catholics, the Church is very important. When on earth, Jesus chose disciples, who were with him for three years, who heard and saw the words and deeds of Jesus. He gave them power and authority. They became the leaders of the early Church, which was visible as an institution from the beginning.

The Bible itself records the life of the early Church, and many of the books of the New Testament are letters written by the leaders of the early Church to house Churches. The Apostles appointed successors, who were responsible for handing on authoritatively and authentically what they themselves had received from Jesus. This process has continued into the present.

These successors of the Apostles are called Bishops. Jesus promised that the powers of hell would never prevail against the Church. We believe the promises of Jesus, and for this reason membership of the Church is important. The Catholic Church has no faith of its own but was founded by Jesus Christ himself at the last supper, and continues to teach today only what has been received.

To become Catholic is not like joining a club, but is a transformative encounter with Jesus Christ. Your life will never be the same again.

The process for becoming Catholic echoes the practise of the early Church. After a period of regular Sunday Mass attendance, and instruction in the faith (Catechesis), you then receive the Sacraments of Initiation, Baptism (if you have not already been baptised, Confirmation, and first Holy Communion.