Confirmation confirms what was begun in Baptism, pouring out the gifts of the Holy Spirit

Whilst Baptism brings us into the life of the Church, the Sacraments of Initiation are completed by receiving Confirmation and First Holy Communion. Completing the Sacraments of Initiation fully incorporates us into the life of the Church.

Our Parish runs a yearly sacramental program with our Parish Schools.

This is a family based program which is open to all Catholics within our Parish.

Our usual timetable is as follows:

First Reconciliation Year 3 (Usually early December)
Confirmation Year 4 (Usually around June)
First Holy Communion Year 4 (Usually around August/September)

If your child is a student at one of our Parish Schools, please speak to the Religious Education Co-ordinator for further information.
Alternatively please contact the Parish Office.

For confirmation of older children and adults, please contact the Parish Office, who will arrange for you to meet our Parish Priest.